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Mehari Fisseha
André Konze
Marleen Easton
Reynaud Theunens
Maria Amélia Ferreira de Carvalho
Arne Dormaels
Stefan Schwarz
Uwe Ewald
Robin Hofmann
Howard J. DeNike
Eva Dinchel
Thomas Feltes

The international Master's program is open to everyone who is involved or would like to be involved in international assistance programs, the UN, EU, AU, their subordinate organisations and other IOs, NGOs and national or local representatives. It is tailored for those who are or will be responsible - either on an international or national level - for establishing, promoting or reforming new national justice systems: e.g. police officers, social workers, lawyers, psychologists etc.

What our students think about our program (Video, mp4)!

Polizei NRW: "Von Hürth-Fischenich nach New York Manhattan"

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